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Strickland Naturopathic 
Mind-Body Medicine


A unique approach to optimal mental-emotional
wellness and whole body vitality*

* At Strickland Naturopathic, primary care diagnostics and prescriptive treatments/procedures, may only be received by Washington State residents. All other states may receive wellness, life, health and transformative coaching along with naturopathic education. There is a clear understanding that you shall obtain other primary or specialty care by a licensed physician/therapist in your state. 

- Member American Association of Naturopathic Physicians

- Member Psychiatric Association of Naturopathic Physicians

- Member TXAND

12 Weeks to:

  • Clarity of Mind  

  • Vibrant Energy

  • Better Relationships


Vibrant health requires a personal commitment and a plan that fits your unique set of circumstances.  


Studies show that people who have health "buddies" and community support succeed in long term physical and mental health goals at higher rates than those without. 


Clarity of Mind and Vibrant Health are accomplished by completely understanding your unique set of circumstances and addressing any obstacles. A structured personal plan is then created and firm support placed around this structure. 

  • Personal Whole Health Profile*

  • Unique Counseling and Body Wellness Plan*

  • Stress, Anxiety, And Negative Emotion Relief Techniques*

  • Natural Non-toxic support for the whole mind-body*

  • Community Support


Strickland Naturopathic Mind-Body Medicine

Phone/Text: 512-262-9411


Austin, Tx 78739

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