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Our Services

Licensed Naturopathic Physicians are medically trained and naturally focused. Upon medical school graduation, each naturopathic physician takes the oath to Find the Cause of illness or imbalance and to Do No Harm. This means you will be seen as an individual and solutions will fit your unique expression of a physical, mental and emotional being.

Serene Summer Discount!

Prepare for the summer season by investing in your peace of mind.

*We guarantee that the discounted prices listed on this website page are fixed and will not fluctuate once you commence your sessions

Mental Emotional Focus (First Visit-History Intake)

First Visit - $830 (Full Intake)

Follow up - $500/Session*

First Visit: $365 (Full intake-75 min) 
Follow Up: $219/Session (60 min) 

We will focus on tools and skills for mental clarity and emotional wellbeing that can be felt as a calm yet alert body and mind. An individual plan will be created which tracks how your emotional well-being affects any underlying physical symptoms. This visit is also to determine if biochemical treatment and/or referral is appropriate.

*Once you schedule your first session, you will be contacted by our administration office for next steps

Naturopathic Individual Counseling/Coaching



Naturopathic Medicine looks at the whole person, so Coaching has always been an important part of our medicine. Whether you need mental-emotional tools for mental clarity, calm, habits, emotional eating, or balanced appetite, these sessions can be very powerful in your long term success. Try it for yourself and see the difference.

Naturopathic Couple's Counseling/Coaching

First Visit - $537/Person/Session

Follow up - $400/Person/Session

First Visit -  $235/Person/Session
Follow Up - $176/Person/Session

Sometimes partners, business partners or siblings just need some focused time to talk through and come to resolution. Naturopathic systems coaching has very effective tools for relationships to leave feeling they are on the same page.

*Once you schedule your first session, you will be contacted by our administration office for next steps

Naturopathic Parenting Counseling/Coaching



First, we ground ourselves in child development so that we know when children's behavior, though challenging, is completely normal and healthy. From there we discern each child and parent's concerns and how to address these concerns effectively. Parents need support and my goal is to give you the tools to feel fully supported. (For two parents or parent and child see relationship therapy for guidelines and fees.)

Naturopathic Performance and Sports Counseling/Coaching



What happens when you put in all the practice and discipline but your mind keeps getting in the way? We will find specific techniques for you and your goals to get you back to what your body knows how to do - excel!

Reviews for Holistic Products
and Health Services

$30 Per Product/Service

Tess Strickland, ND has tried, vetted, and researched 1000's of health products, holistic beauty products, health and holistic beauty services, alternative medicines, and diets. She is happy to consult with you on any of these in order to save yourself countless time and money. If she has not tried the product/service before, she is willing to do the research for you. 

She always does this unbeknownst to the company and never receives a product for free because she wants the "regular person" experience. She does not publish these findings to the general public. If you see Tess regularly, you are welcome to include this consultation as part of any session with her. If you are not coming regularly but would like a consultation on a product or health service about which you are curious, please make a consultation appointment. Let Tess know the product or service you are wanting to consult about in order to be sure she has vetted it previously. If she hasn't, the team will let you know when she can. :) 

Herbal Medicine

If you’d like more information about our services, get in touch today.

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