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About Us

Strickland Naturopathic Mind-Body Medicine is grounded in the best science has to offer. Our proven optimal mental-emotional wellness techniques* are combined with upholding the highest standards in natural non-toxic biochemical and physical therapies*.

We will never use products or principals which have been shown either by experience or research to cause unnecessary side effects or possible harm to one's health.

We will always use common sense and holistic thinking when considering "trendy" medicines which do not have good scientific research nor long term historical use.

Feeling mentally positive, clear and calm can go hand in hand with optimal physical well being! It is our strongest commitment to address whole body health in order for the mind, as one expression of our body's health, to be optimal.

Long term mind and body rejuvenation works when we strive towards, not only addressing immediate suffering which is necessary to do, but also make choices toward building greater health and vibrancy for the future. We are committed to this long-term vision.

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Meet The Team


Tess Strickland, ND
(CMO/Naturopathic Physician)

Tess Strickland is a Bastyr University trained naturopathic physician with 20 years clinical and research experience. She specializes in mental-emotional wellness. A kind and compassionate listener, she utilizes body-mind skills and has created new techniques which restore the nervous system to its calm yet focused organization.  

Todd Strickland, Mdiv,CAS,CSD

Todd Strickland has been doing some form of counseling for over 20 years. Todd listens deeply without judgment and creates a space to be completely open. He is a certified addictions specialist, a registered psychotherapist, and a Spiritual Director. In all of his professional approaches, he uses Client-Centered Counseling and has engaged in this approach for over 20 years. 


Raine Corman
(Student Clinician/Admin Assistant) 

Raine Corman has her undergraduate degree in Psychology from the University of Redlands and over 3 years of experience in the Health/Fitness coaching industry. She is training under Tess Strickland,ND as an apprentice/student clinician to be a stress and anxiety management mentor.

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